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Monthly Q&N Spin & Win Terms and Conditions

·        All Q&N customers who can provide their Q&N product’s silver cover are eligible to get a Q&N Lucky Cover sticker from their retailer to join the QN Spin & Win. 


·        QN Spin & Win eligible participants must submit their Q&N silver cover with a properly filled out Q&N lucky cover sticker. 


·        The monthly draw will be done every last Saturday of the month, at 2pm, via QN’s Spin & Win Facebook Live. Contestants must Like and Follow QN Wellness on Facebook and/or Instagram.


·        All duly accomplished Q&N silver covers submitted 3 days before the last Saturday of the month will be included in the current month’s draw.


·        All non-winning submissions from each month will be included in each succeeding month’s draws. 


·        Promotion period runs from 01 January 2021 to 26 December 2021, both dates inclusive. Q&N Pte Ltd reserves the right to extend or otherwise amend the dates of the promotion period at its sole discretion.


·        Gifts cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Q&N Pte Ltd reserves the right to change and vary the gift at any time, and may substitute any gift with an alternative gift of similar value without prior notice. The value of the gift will be solely determined by Q&N Pte Ltd. 


·        Q&N Pte Ltd reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, including the right to cancel the “QN Spin & Win” in such a manner as they deem fit, without prior notice or reason, and without liability to the participant or winner.


·        Grants Q&N Pte Ltd permission for his/her entry to be published on QN Wellness websites, in print materials, radio broadcasts, and displayed on QN Wellness Facebook Page, Instagram or any other social media pages.


·        By your participation in the Q&N Spin & Win, you are deemed to have (a) agreed to these Terms and Conditions; and (b) consented to Q&N Pte Ltd collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes of administering the Spin & Win.


·        The winner can collect their prize(s) themselves or via a representative. The winner will be contacted via email or Whatsapp within one (1) month of order completion regarding the collection or redemption procedure.  All winners must claim their prizes by the stipulated deadline, failing which the prize(s) will be forfeited.


·        In the event of any dispute, Q&N Pte Ltd’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.



·        所有能提供全能保健品银色盖的全能顾客,可以和零售商领取全能幸运盖贴纸然后把银色盖交给零售商就有参加资格了。


·        所有合格参加全能转大奖的顾客一定要全能幸运盖贴纸上正确填写您的资料并粘在全能保健品的银色盖交给零售商。


·        每月的全能幸运盖抽盖会在每个月的最后一个星期六,下午两点在QN Wellness Facebook全能转大奖直播。参赛者必须点赞QN WellnessFacebook或/和Instagram粉丝页。


·        所有交易在每月抽日三天之前完成,才可视为当月合格机会,以参加当月全能幸运盖抽盖


·        所有没选中的全能幸运盖都会累计到下个月的抽日。



·        此全能转大奖的有效期是从 2021 1 1 日到 12 26 日。全能公司有权视情况不经说明理由而修改日期。


·        所有礼品/奖品不可转让他人、替换或兑换现金。全能公司有权视情况不经说明理由而收回或换成其他代替品而无需事先通知。


·        全能公司有权视情况终止这项幸运抽奖活动,或者随时修改、消除或补充任何一个条件和条款而无需事先通知。


·        允许全能公司在全能网站、印刷材料、电台广播及全能FacebookInstagram 或任何其他社交页面上发布参赛者和得奖者与此活动的信息。


·        参加此全能转大奖即表示同意(a)遵守此全能转大奖的条款及条件;(b)允许全能公司使用其姓名和其他个人信息为管理目的。


·        得奖者必须亲自或由授权代表领取奖品。全能公司将会在一个月内以电邮或Whatsapp联络得奖者有关领奖方式。若得奖者未能于指定时间内领奖,将会当作自动放弃领奖处理,本公司有权自行处理有关奖品。